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It has always remained very important that the Randy Rhoads legacy be upheld with the utmost distinction, respect and integrity. And as my promise to you, the Fans, the RR Network community website shall always remain dedicated in its online support of Randy with steadfast admiration and respect.

With the ever increasing growth in popularity of the Randy Rhoads online fan-base accompanied by the advent of the OZZY OSBOURNE ∞ Blizzard, Diary 30th Anniversary Celebration. The RR Network recognize that Randy's Internet fan-base is very unique and equally important to his legacy as well and it should be represented as such. Ergo, www.RandyRhoads.us

From the young aspiring guitarist/musician relatively discovering Randy to the most vigilant old school RR fan, all are considered friends. This site is for networking those friends and to help them and future fans get quality information regarding everything Randy Rhoads. RandyRhoads.us is the only Official Randy Rhoads website on the Internet and the only RR Network community site of its kind. This site is the first and only direct Online source to offer Randy's fans Live Video Chats with the Rhoads family, Randy's closest friends and Band Mates. And no RR fan should ever have to settle for anything less.

I feel very honored and privileged to have been presented with the opportunity to bring this site to the fans in order to help contribute to the preservation of Randy's memory and outstanding musical achievements.

I extend our personal invitation in welcoming you to RandyRhoads.us and we hope you find your experience within the RR Network community to be uniquely enjoyable.

Thank you for your interest in Randy and in joining the site.

With best regards.


Jon Holtz, Owner & Senior Website Administrator
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